are you ready to take control?

The Nourish Club

A unique mind and body approach to end yo-yo dieting, transform your life and put you back in control of your body, health and eating habits.

Delicious meal plan bundles done for you each month, mind transformation bundles and all the support you need to say 'so long' to sugar and 'hello' to a healthier, happier, slimmer you!


Feeling stuck in a rut with food and constantly craving sugar?

Do you wish you could eat healthy but struggle with planning and preparing meals?

Do you emotional eat? Binge eat or have a bad relationship with food?

Are all these things stopping you from being happy with your body?

You can gain control over your cravings, feel energised, organised and experience delicious food without having to deprive yourself.

  • Control cravings

    A mind body approach to eliminate the sugar cravings that are currently sabotaging your weight loss.

  • Save Time

    With done-for-you meal plans and shopping lists and simple but delicious recipes

  • Improve your health

    With natural, allergen-friendly recipes that reduce bloating and inflammation and aid weight loss.

  • Reduce Stress

    You don't have to think or worry about a thing. I've taken care of it all for you! All you need to do is follow the simple recipes.

  • Boost energy

    The right foods will have a huge impact on your energy levels. No more sugar or caffeine needed!

  • Change your mindset

    Overcome the negative beliefs and emotions that are impacting on your relationship with food.




None of the stress of meal planning and wondering what to buy from the supermarket.

Having treats you can enjoy when cravings hit, as part of a balanced GUILT FREE nutrition plan.

Finally being in control of your emotional eating? 

Transforming yourself and your life and seeing how food no longer becomes a battle?

Feeling supported on your health journey?

I know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut with food, cooking the same meals over and over, getting bored and binging on sugar or takeaways because your meals are not satisfying you! I know how it feels to lose weight then sabotage your efforts by going on a sugar binge because you haven't done the important mindset work to set your free from bad food habits. 

What is the Nourish Club?

This is a club for people who want to be in control of their eating habits. People who want to eat healthy meals that are delicious, quick and simple to make. It's for people who don't have spare time to plan meals and shopping lists and would love a helping hand to get more organised with their health goals. It's for women who are losing the battle against cravings and dealing with emotional eating and binges on sugar who just can't change things alone.

Each month you get:

  • A 5 day meal plan bundle with delicious gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes, shopping lists and a meal prep guide.
  • Access to the Nourish Kickstarter to help fast-track positive change.
  • Access to mind transformation bundles that will help you gain control over your eating habits.
  • Access to powerful self love techniques and tasks that will transform your relationship with yourself and food.

You also get exclusive access to my private Facebook community where you can receive VIP support and advice from me (this would be super costly if you were to pay for my 1:1 services). 


"Woke up this morning and I can see my abs! Food has always been my downfall but since using the Guilt Free Kitchen menus I have been so much more on track. Hello abs, nice to see you again!!"

Kelly, Nourish Club member





£15 (normally £27) per Month
  • Meal plan & recipe bundle
  • Shopping lists and prep guide
  • Mind transformation bundles
  • Self love tools and techniques
  • VIP support in my private Club Facebook group