Natural Detox Kit


Are you struggling with sugar cravings? Can’t stop reaching for the coffee to keep you awake through the day? Do you NEVER wake up feeling refreshed no matter how long you sleep for? Live under a constant cloud of fog? Feel bloated and lethargic? Imagine you could get it all out of your system and feel revitalised and refreshed with a new sense of willpower and determination….

If you feel that you need a boost to help kickstart your healthier lifestyle, this 4 day natural detox can do just the job! Achieving extraordinary results with hundreds of women, you can read reviews HERE.


28 day RTT package


Rapid transformational therapy is an intense therapy which gets results by finding the root cause of the issue and freeing you from it in as little as one session using a mix of hypnosis and other therapies.

I currently specialise in the following areas:

  • Weight loss/problems with food (overeating, big eating, emotional eating, sugar addiction, sugar cravings)
  • Overcoming childhood abuse
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Self belief, self love and confidence
  • Removing money blocks.
  • Removing blocks to success in business
  • Removing limiting beliefs and loving yourself
  • Overcoming fears (visibility, public speaking, phobias)

I’ve personally experienced the profound healing effects and success as a result of this therapy and have had outstanding results with my clients.

What you get:

  • 30 minute consultation
  • RTT session where you are put into hypnosis, regressed to past memories impacting on you and healed during the session
  • 2 follow up rapid transformation coaching sessions
  • Personalised healing recording to listen to for 21 days
  • Online support 24/7 during your 28 day package

This is at a special reduced price of £600 whilst building my portfolio. Please email me at if you want to set up a payment plan.

Please be aware there may be a waiting list as this service is in high demand.

Detox Booster Kit (pots only)



You are purchasing a box that contains only the detox pots needed for the 4 day detox PLUS a printable copy of the detox success journal.

All other detox ingredients are to be fulfilled by the customer. This is for previous detox customers only.



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