The 1 Day Bloat Buster (inc p+p)


The 1 Day Bloat Buster **PRODUCT TRIAL**

Price: £18 plus £2.50 postage (£20.50)

For June only I am trialling this 1 day bloat buster before deciding if it will become a permanent product. This kit can give you a quick boost if you are struggling with uncomfortable or painful bloating or need a quick fix to get back on track with your nutrition. It is not a long term solution but it will get you quick results if you need them.

Whats involved? 3 bloat-busting shakes, 1 evening meal, a relaxing bath with your bath salts and specialist herbal tea.

Simple as that!

Your kit contains: 3 bloat busting shake powders

Organic bath salts which aid relaxation & fat loss

1 Tulsi tea

Guidance on how to make your shakes

Post bloat-buster guidance to prevent regaining bloat

*Individual results may vary

Emotional Eating Masterclass


So many women I work with struggle with emotional eating. t stops us succeeding on new healthy eating plans because we don’t just eat when we are physically hungry, we eat to satisfy emotional needs too!

This workshop will teach you :

What emotional eating is
The difference between emotional and physical hunger
How to recognise emotional eating
How emotional eating is triggered
How to identify your unique emotional wounds and triggers
Short term techniques to control emotional eating
Longterm strategies for overcoming emotional eating

Vegan Detox Kit


Are you struggling with sugar cravings? Can’t stop reaching for the coffee to keep you awake through the day? Do you NEVER wake up feeling refreshed no matter how long you sleep for? Live under a constant cloud of fog? Feel bloated and lethargic? Imagine you could get it all out of your system and feel revitalised and refreshed with a new sense of willpower and determination….

If you feel that you need a boost to help kickstart your healthier lifestyle, this 4 day natural detox can do just the job! Achieving extraordinary results with hundreds of women, you can read reviews HERE.


Easter Box (Limited Edition)



Pre-order one of these special Easter boxes for yourself or that special someone in your life for a thoughtful treat this Easter.


Box of mini organic raw solid easter eggs

Creme egg

Salted Caramel egg

Peanut butter cups

Millionaire Slice

Raw Chocolate Easer Nest Doughnut

Raw Mini Easter Eggs


Bag of 5 patterned mini Easter eggs made from raw organic chocolate. Great for adults and children alike for a guilt free treat this Easter.

Mother’s Day Box



Surprise your mum (or treat yourself!) to this gorgeous selection of chocolate guilt free goodies this Mother’s Day.

Box contents:

  • Limited Edition Truffle Box (salted almond caramel, strawberry coconut, white chocolate peanut butter)
  • Raw Salted Caramel Brownie
  • Raw Organic Chocolate Orange Bar
  • Coconut bite
  • Raw Millionaire Slice
  • Peanut Caramel  Bite

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