The 1 Day Bloat Buster (inc p+p)

The 1 Day Bloat Buster **PRODUCT TRIAL**

Price: £18 plus £2.50 postage (£20.50)

For June only I am trialling this 1 day bloat buster before deciding if it will become a permanent product. This kit can give you a quick boost if you are struggling with uncomfortable or painful bloating or need a quick fix to get back on track with your nutrition. It is not a long term solution but it will get you quick results if you need them.

Whats involved? 3 bloat-busting shakes, 1 evening meal, a relaxing bath with your bath salts and specialist herbal tea.

Simple as that!

Your kit contains: 3 bloat busting shake powders

Organic bath salts which aid relaxation & fat loss

1 Tulsi tea

Guidance on how to make your shakes

Post bloat-buster guidance to prevent regaining bloat

*Individual results may vary