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By Guilt_free_health | 2nd September 2016 | 0 Comments

So everyone is banging on about this thing called ‘Paleo’ and my whole health business is based around it. But I am only just starting to realise that, actually, not everyone has heard of it! I thought I would write a simple blog to help you understand the basics so you can decide if a…



By Guilt_free_health | 25th August 2016 | 0 Comments

Many people under estimate the importance of water. Water is essential for life. It makes up about 60% of our body weight and performs crucial roles within our bodies. Even our brain is made up of 73% water!!! The minimum you should be drinking is 2 litres for normal bodily functioning, even more if you…


The Link Between Food Allergies & Iron Deficiency: Boost Your Iron NATURALLY

By Guilt_free_health | 9th August 2016 | 0 Comments

So you’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and the doctor runs some bloods. The results are in! Low. Iron. Levels. Apparently thats why you’ve been feeling so tired and low on energy lately. Thats why your sleep has gone terrible, you are struggling more than usual at the gym and your hair falls…


5 Fat Loss Tips for Women you can Start Today!!

By Guilt_free_health | 27th July 2016 | 0 Comments

As women we often juggle many ‘hats’. Mother. Partner. employee. Business woman. Daughter. Sister. It’s no wonder we don’t often have time to think about what we need to do for US. Just as a woman- no hats involved! One thing I do know is its rare to find a woman who is happy with…


Getting kids to eat what’s good for them

By Guilt_free_health | 25th July 2016 | Comments Off on Getting kids to eat what’s good for them

Being a parent can be hard, especially when it comes to trying to strike a balance between encouraging children to eat healthy – or trying to get them to eat anything at all. With childhood obesity on the rise, the media is full of scare stories about overweight kids and health risks; at the same…


Fat vs Sugar: What Should we be Eating?

By Guilt_free_health | 19th July 2016 | 2 Comments

The arguments rage on across the Internet and beyond about whether we should be eating more fat, and cutting out or vastly reducing the amount of sugar we eat. The thing is, we all love a treat. For decades now, fat has been the nutritional enemy, and food manufacturers have been stripping our foods of…


The Power of Positive Thinking

By Guilt_free_health | 12th July 2016 | 0 Comments

Look on Amazon (or a bookshop if you want to be retro) and you’ll find a massive section of books about positive thinking. The books might call it something different – ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Law of Attraction’ and Noel Edmonds made us all giggle calling it ‘Cosmic Ordering’ – but the essence of it…


Are You An Emotional Eater?

By Guilt_free_health | 4th July 2016 | Comments Off on Are You An Emotional Eater?

Are you an emotional eater? Eating to fill emotional needs, rather than to fill your stomach? I know that I can be. Who doesn’t feel the urge to tuck into something decadent after a hard day at work, or to treat themselves when they are feeling a bit down in the dumps? Food is the…


Top Tips for Eating Clean on a Budget

By Guilt_free_health | 27th June 2016 | 0 Comments

  The idea of eating clean might be appealing, but the cost of such a healthy diet does tend to put some people off. If your knowledge of clean eating is limited to watching Hemsley + Hemsley or reading Deliciously Ella’s books and blogs, you could be forgiven for thinking that only people with large…


Living With Food Intolerances

By Guilt_free_health | 26th April 2016 | Comments Off on Living With Food Intolerances

Food intolerances and allergies are definitely on the rise, according to Allergy UK, and the most recent figures show that in the last decade, the number of us who have true food allergies has doubled. Many of us are also living with symptoms that could be caused by undiagnosed food intolerances and allergies, and the first step towards…