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- The 4 Day -

Are you struggling with bloating?

Battling to lose weight?

Feeling sluggish and constantly craving sugar?


Now there is a fast and effective SAFE way to lose weight and inches, kickstart a healthier lifestyle and nourish your body back to optimum health at the same time!

  • lose lbs and inches

    Proven to burn fat fast and give you visible results in just 4 days.

  • Reduce stress

    Reset your hormones back to optimal functioning, reducing impact of stress on your health.

  • Improve sleep

    One of the bonuses of my natural detox kit, your sleep will hugely improve.

  • Kickstart metabolism

    The superfood ingredients are chosen for their specific metabolism boosting properties to aid weight loss.

  • Kill Cravings

    Conquer the sugar monster and become more mindful or your eating habits.

  • Improve health

    Your body will get a high dose of natural healing across the 4 days, which will reflect in how you look and feel.

What you get


You will get a 4 day detox kit that contains pots of superfood goodness which you add just a few fresh ingredients to make your nourishing detox drink. Every superfood has been specifically chosen for it's metabolism boosting, health improving and fat burning properties! You drink 3 of these drinks a day and have one evening meal, for 4 days. After that you get to eat loads of amazing food and still lose more weight (yes, really!). I recommend this detox to all my clients who want to radically transform their bodies and their health and this detox is included as part of my hugely successful Transform25 programme. 


Michelle Perry

"I am so pleased I did this. I needed a boost to get me back on the right road to a cleaner, simpler, eating plan and back to exercise, which would start to shift the weight and make me feel better again. It definitely did this! 8.2lbs and 6 inches off. I usually have trouble with my stomach and digestive and system and for the whole 4 days.....nothing!  I am sort of missing it on day 5, as it was lovely to not have to worry about what to eat! Definitely recommend, it is well worth the sacrifice."

Leigh Gage

"I have always been a bit apprehensive about doing a Detox but this one looked good so I decided to take the plunge. Boy am I glad I did, I was worried I would feel hungry and ill whilst doing it but it was the opposite, I found it so easy I was surprised. In fact at the end of day 2 I felt amazing. The drink was a bit of an odd taste but not unpleasant at all. I lost 7.4lbs and a total of 5 inches I am looking forward to doing another detox soon, if you are considering doing it and can't make you mind up I would say go for it, you won't regret it!"

Lucy McArthur

"I'm not going to say it was easy, but I will say, yes, I'll do it again!!! Day 3 was a particular struggle, sent myself to bed very early!!! I lost 2inches off my waist and 1.5inches off my hips, and 10lbs!!! Yup, 10lbs!!! Plan is to stick to clean eating and drop some more lbs. Thanks Natasha, your support was fab!!!"


Why buy from me?

Hi, I'm Natasha and I am a Certified Nutrition & Transformation Coach for women. I developed this detox myself in 2014 and tried it successfully myself on several occasions before deciding to turn it into a product so that more women could benefit from its amazing effects. I also used it to help get me back to full health and pre-pregnancy size after I had my son in 2016. The weight and fat loss from the detox is just a bonus side effect to how amazing and motivated you feel to live a healthier lifestyle after doing it. Hundreds of women have benefited from this detox since it launched. I love helping women transform their body and mind and feel totally amazing. 

what are you waiting for?

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